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Join Seattle Wind Symphony for a night of music inspired by space and other worlds! The program features the world premiere of “Beneath the Heavens”, a new work for band by PNW composer Dr. Daniel Barry. “Beneath the Heavens” was commissioned by Carol and Gerard Kern with Gary and Karen Schwartz in celebration of 10 years of life and performances by Seattle Wind Symphony, especially in honor of the founding and in memoriam members whose dedication has made the ensemble what it is today.

“Beneath the Heavens” is a reflection on ways that we find meaning in the vastness of the universe through four movements: Witches, Wanderers, Dreamers, and Dancers. The piece reminds us that insignificant as we may be beneath the heavens, we all have spells to cast, journeys to undertake, dreams to dream, and, if we're lucky, a few fancy moves to bust out as we dance to the music of the spheres.

Concluding the program is “The Planets” suite by Gustav Holst. Primarily known for the “Mars” and “Jupiter” movements, the Planets is a 7 movement work that explores supposed astrological characteristics of each planet in the solar system (excluding Earth and Pluto). The suite ranges from boisterousness, vitality, and aggression to somber reflection, mystical reverie, and other-worldliness. The Planets have been referenced widely in popular culture and influenced many cinematic and other scores.


Vary depending on location.

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