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Join us at 6:00 PM for dinner at Zeek’s Pizza on Green Lake and meet Playwright
Maggie Lee and Director Amy Poisson who will chat with you about the process of writing and producing Once More, Just For You!

Show Description:

The only foolproof way to fix past mistakes is time travel, right? That’s what Rae, an eccentric inventor with a ramshackle basement time machine, is counting on. But she’s not planning to topple governments or change the course of history; she’s just going to fix one small thing. How hard could that be? But just because you know which path not to take doesn’t mean things will end up where you planned.

Once More, Just for You is a curious new play about inexplicable connections through time and space, the intrinsic cost of sacrifice, and the infinite metaphysical paradox of loving and letting go.

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