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A Queer Adaptation
wherein neighbors look a little different,
but are just the same at heart

Our old friend Falstaff has a ploy to make some easy money—woo Mistress Page and Mistress Ford and thus gain access to their husbands’ wealth. It shouldn’t be too challenging; he can be quite a charming and insightful man when it benefits him. He sends the mistresses notes with declarations of love, but in a small town like Windsor, everyone knows everyone else’s business and Mistresses Page and Ford soon realize their notes are exact copies.

Rather than take that insult lying down, they make dates with Falstaff, scheming to be discovered in flagrante by their husbands and so to achieve their saucy revenge on the knight. Throw in a cartload of other zany characters and watch shenanigans ensue!

This is a rowdy, raucous, unruly romp featuring some of Shakespeare’s most clever and comic characters. The team is creating a Merry Wives of Windsor that will feel farcically familiar while examining the stickiness of conflicting personalities and viewpoints in a small town.


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