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Save the date! On Juneteenth Da Village is hosting a very special event to honor our ancestors and ourselves! We’re Free Now” is a celebration of Blackness, genius, creativity, and liberation.

We will start the night with an open mic/ open stage where we encourage Black folx to EXPRESS YOSELF! Sing yo song, do yo dance, speak your truth, open your heart! We’re all here for it. The sign up sheet opens at 5pm so get there early. If you really can’t arrive early, DM us to sign up for the open mic.

After the open mic, prepare yourself for a very special performance art piece. It’s in development as I type so we will tell you more about that soon.

Lastly, we will be holding space for a special dance party and networking mixer to close out the night.

Of course we will have free healing and free food, per usual.

Look out for more info in the coming weeks.


If you are an org, group, or individual looking to offer gifts, resources , services , food, OR REPARATIONS etc to Black people DM US.


Box Office opens 30 minutes before curtain.

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