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Angelic-voiced singer-songwriter Zan Fiskum gained notoriety on season 18 of The Voice, where she reached the top 9. Zan has since released 2 albums and performed with stars such as John Legend and Dave Matthews. A singer-songwriter raised in the small town of Maple Valley, WA, she spent most of her time either running barefoot in the forest or volunteering with her family at a local dinner theater, both of which inspired her to make the music she is today. Her soulful and ethereal storytelling are reminiscent of artists Lana Del Ray and Brandi Carlile. She blends the lines between indie/pop and americana/folk as she writes about childhood trauma, the intricacies of family dynamics, connection to the natural world as well as a fan-favorite: love.

Byland is the moniker and last name of Seattle based, Albuquerque raised, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Alie Renee. Alie’s cinematic, indie-rock sound is tethered by timeless songwriting and attentive production. Her music is grounded by vocally vulnerable moments that will move you to lean in. Her latest studio record, “Gray”, is “a little weird” and breathes into intriguing and often offbeat arrangements.


Tue-Sat from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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