TeenTix works in collaboration with The Colorization Collective, a teen-led organization which promotes diversity in the arts, to present the M-TAC program.

The Spring 2022 M-TAC Cohort focused on writing and music. The Music cohort was taught by mentor Anthony Arlene and the Writing cohort was taught by mentor Serena Chopra.

Writing Cohort with Serena Chopra

Trini Feng

Here's Trini reading her poem, "an orchard by its root"

Check out Trini Feng's artist statement here:

Shaliz Bazldjoo

Here's Shaliz reading her piece!

Check out Shaliz Bazldjoo's artist statement here:

Breanna Burke

Here's Breanna reading two of her pieces!

Read Breanna's biography here:

Hello, my name is Breanna Burke. I am a writer from Kingston, Jamaica. I mainly write poetry and short stories that have been influenced by Caribbean culture and my experiences. I create art that encourages people to re-examine the small moments in life that ultimately make us who we are. My work heavily features themes of identity, blackness and family, in particular the women in our families that raise us up. It also tackles the process of growth and constantly being revamped as you become another version of yourself. My work is influenced by writers such as Ocean Vuong, Sonia Sanchez and Kei Miller. I believe that my work perfectly captures my essence and epitomizes not only the way that I see the world but the way I have reimagined the image that the world has of me. My writing breaks barriers and holds an untamed power, resilience and freedom. I am currently writing a prose poetry chapbook that revolves around the women in my family and the way in which they have shaped me. This will hopefully be released later this year. You can view my work on my website at bybree.wordpress.com.

Akshita Kumar

Here's Akshita reading her poem!

Check out Akshita Kumar's artist statement here:

Adrija Jana

Here's Adrija reading her poem!

Check out Adrija Jana's artist statement here:

Serena Chopra

My pedagogical approach historiographically and cross-disciplinarily contextualizes writing/creative-vision, poetics and theory in order to engage students with inspired lineages and a contemporary scope for their critical and creative work. I believe that invested readers make invested writers, and that evolving within the art of writing means to grapple with previous explorations of craft, content, vision and aesthetics. Rather than emphasizing rules towards technical perfection, I guide students through their own poetic and visionary concerns, concentrating on strengthening creativity, voice and critical perspectives. I encourage students to engage multi-disciplinary experiments and practices, guiding them to encounter their creative visions as dynamic, expressive potential.

Musical Arts Cohort with Anthony Arlene

Nathan Coppinger

Here's Nathan's song!

Check out Nathan's biography here:

Hello, my name is Nathan Coppinger. I'm an electronic musician from Washington who mostly makes high energy tracks, often involving unusual and experimental sounds. Three important things about me are that I am imaginative, studious, and very driven to make music. Many of my influences are within the genre classified as J-core. I mainly focus on what sounds good to me at any given time. At the moment, I am working on several songs which may be classified as UK hardcore. You can contact me at my email, natod.gd@gmail.com.

Additional members of this cohort include Nuvia Baeza, Jai Kumar, Zeppelin Andrew, and Elijah Tuncap.

Anthony Arlene is a music creator based in Seattle who focuses on mixing genres. His albums include a mix of Hip hop, R&B, and funk. His most recent album, EQUINOX, expands on this topic, exploring the concept of finding balance in a world that tells artists they need to pick a lane.

Instagram handle: @anthonyarlene_music

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