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Six Christmas Cards. Six Playwrights. Six New Plays!
Written by Shanna Allman, Henry Brown, Jay Cross, Kate Danley, Buffy Sedlachek, and Scott Zenreich
Directed by Rowan Gallagher, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Hannah Lund, Jane Ryan, Catherine Blake Smith, and Kirsten Traylor-Thorson
Choreography by Jacq Babb

The tradition of sending greeting cards at Christmas time got its start during Queen Victoria's reign. While it is a tradition still enjoyed today, we've come a long way since those first cards were sent through the post to bring holiday cheer.

The cards of yesteryear feature artwork that may be surprising: both joyously and shockingly so!

We celebrate the holidays by embracing the spirit of Christmas Cards as they once were!


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