STEP 1: Review our Teen Night Best Practices.

STEP 2: Send us an email to discuss your event!

Producing a Teen Night is simple and fun! This is your opportunity to welcome young folks into your space & intentionally build a healthy relationship with teen audiences. Teen Nights are sponsored and produced by your organization, TeenTix promotes and supports your event.

These components make a Teen Night successful:

  1. Food: Teens love snacks. It’s science! You can choose to set up a snack table, or offer a “voucher” for concessions (i.e. ‘teens can show their TeenTix Pass for a free soda or popcorn!’)
  2. The Main Attraction: This is the easy part! You’re already putting on an event; now you’re specifically inviting teens to attend, too.
  3. Education: Teens long to feel more deeply involved in the art that they’re seeing! This means activities like pre-show lectures, workshops from your education department, post-show talkbacks, and behind-the-scenes tours entice them into your space.

What nights are best to host a Teen Night?

  • We’ve found that the most successful Teen Nights happen on Friday or Saturday evenings.


  • TeenTix can set up a Google Form for teens to RSVP, and we’ll send you the Will Call list in advance.
  • If you’d prefer to handle tickets yourself, you can set up a promo code, a special ticketing link, or whatever works best for your organization. Simply directing teens to reserve tickets over the phone is great, too! Just make sure the tickets are $5 maximum (inclusive of all fees). Your organization can limit sales to just one ticket per buyer, or multiple.

Be transparent about the timeline of the evening and the themes of the show!

  • Provide a rough itinerary of the evening so teens know when to arrange for transportation.
  • If you have a special block of seats or a room reserved for teen mingling & snacks, mention it in your itinerary (and have signage at the event so they can find it)!
  • Provide content warnings and advisories so we can include them in our public-facing materials.

Want to go above and beyond? Plan some activities!

  • If you’ve got time and resources to plan and execute even more teen fun, we recommend setting up a photo booth, a button-making station, a raffle, a costume contest, trivia, or any other activity you can dream up that fits within your event & theme!
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