1621 12TH AVE SEATTLE 98122Newly renovated in 2022, eXit SPACE now calls NOD Theater one of its three homes. Designed with dancers and theater companies in mind, NOD is the ideal size for PNW companies. NOD has been updated and outfitted with a NOMAD lighting system with new electric and grid, full audio system, expanded stage area, risers and seating for audience, black drapes, cyc, lounge/concession space, and full backstage/dressing area.

Aptly named NOD Theater; we take a bow and acknowledge all of the artists who have called this space home. Those who have sweat in these rooms, created and performed, learned and explored. We are grateful to continue this legacy and are committed to providing a brave space for all to continue their dance journey.

eXit SPACE welcomes you. To your theater. We hope that NOD will be a space you return to season after season as you produce, create, and share.

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