A (random, hastily-compiled, totally-not-exhaustive) Collection of Some of My Favorite Lines From Teen Tix Reviews

"Like the aforementioned kid-friendly versions of hit shows, RENT: School Edition (as we must learn to refer to it) is creative in its excising of certain curse words. The F-bomb becomes unexpectedly versatile, being replaced in turn by 'CRAP', 'NO', 'STINKING', 'HELL', 'JERK' and even, 'SELF RIGHTEOUS!!'"

- Jenny S reviewing RENT: School Edition at Seattle Children's Theatre, August 4th, 2009

"The play itself is a horrific slasher, a ghastly tragedy played out in agonizingly slow motion through scene after scene of malignancy, vitriol, and madness."

- Anna B reviewing Othello at INTIMAN, July 14th, 2009

"Oh Junot Diaz! How do I count the ways of your coolness? If I were to say that within a two hour period of time I didn’t develop a man crush on this wonderful poet of the vulgar I would be lying. All I can really say is “Vonnegut and Marquez, pack your bags; you guys are old news!"

- Tavis H reviewing Junot Diaz at Seattle Arts & Lectures March 6th, 2009

"The audience arrives early to stake claims marked with blankets and garden chairs with the legs cut off. Here everyone is asking themselves “is my chair too tall?” Near the stage the action has already begun as well."

- Molly L reviewing Romeo & Juliet by Wooden O at Volunteer Park July 16th, 2008

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