Teens on the Runway

Written by TeenTix Newsroom Writer Elle Vonada

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The High Fashion High show at Seattle’s 2023 Bumbershoot was thoughtfully designed, curated, and inspired. Ellie Fein, the curator, gathered young people from around the greater Seattle area to share their love of fashion and teach like-minded peers about the design process. If you’re familiar with Project Runway, Fein played the role of Tim Gunn, helping to acquire material, talk through designs, and give feedback. Fein assisted her designers while reaching out to different studios and planning the logistics of the show itself.

Fein’s vision began with stained glass windows and puffer coats and gave a theme to each of the designs. The young designers, accompanied by Fein, went to a puffer coat manufacturer in SODO, Seattle, where they learned about the construction of puffer coats to further understand their inspiration. In our interview, Fein mentioned the puffer coat facility showed them past designs worn by Lady Gaga—and if Gaga doesn’t scream high fashion, I don’t know what does. Fein also organized for the designers to participate in a stained glass workshop to understand the physics and geometry of stained glass and how each piece must be thoughtfully shaped to fit the window. As there are limits piecing glass together, there are similar boundaries with how different fabrics can be joined. After learning more about their themes, the designers were ready to create and Fein ready to take on the role of the designer’s supporter.

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The Power of the Pole Pavilion at Bumbershoot

Written by TeenTix Writer Xandra Yugto

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This Labor Day weekend, Bumbershoot is back with a wide variety of unconventional arts, like a cat circus and roller skating. Among those peculiar programs is pole dancing, a nontraditional yet empowering art. As a pole dancer myself, I was ready to take a spin and talk to the curators and performers of the show. The Pole Pavillion was a collaborative program created by Aero Space Studios in Oregon and Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts, right here in Washington.

On Day 1 of Bumbershoot, I got to talk to Ashley Madison, one of the curators of the Pole Pavillion, and co-owner of Aero Space Studios where they encourage the art of pole dancing in Portland. The theme of the program was, “What does pole dance mean to you?” After asking Madison about the theme of the program, she mentioned that, “One of the beautiful things about pole dance is that you can go so many directions with it, and everybody has their own unique style and everybody chooses their path on pole which can be all over the place so we tried to pick a diverse program that showed different styles of pole.” As I watched the performers I could clearly see the diversity of their dance styles.

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Bites at Bumbershoot

Written by TeenTix Newsroom Writer Daniela Mariz-Frankel

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Walking through Bumbershoot at the Seattle Center, different scents wafted into my nose. Smells of freshly ground coffee beans, juicy tacos with succulent meat from MexiCuban, smokey dough from Candela Pizza, and the sweet scent of popsicles drifted through the hot air. Though the food program at Bumbershoot was excellent, it lacked an international taste. The culinary options were predominantly seafood, Mexican, and Italian. While the seafood was deeply Seattle, giving more space to European, African, and Asian food vendors would have been greatly appreciated and could have better recognized the ethnic and cultural diversity within Seattle. Despite this, I found the food delicious! I tried all sorts of food at the Labor Day weekend festival and here is what really caught my eye.

As I found myself staring at all the beautiful outfits people wore and letting the loud music thrum through my body, Amazon employees handed out Seattle Pops. They had all kinds of flavors including Cookies and Cream as well as Lime. I chose a Cookies and Cream pop and it was the right call! The frozen treat melted in my mouth and the cream slowly trickled down my throat. When I asked the employees why they were out in the heat handing out their little miracles they said, “We’re trying to spread joy.” I smiled and walked on.

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It’s High Time to End Fast Fashion: How High Fashion Might be the Solution to Textile Waste

Written by TeenTix Newsroom Writer Harlan Liu

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Fast fashion is an increasingly relevant issue in society today. The introduction of social media into mainstream pop culture has led to more world-connectedness making the newest fashion trends cycle faster and faster. The ever-changing popularity of outfits might not seem like such a big deal at first—after all, trying new styles is fun—but then, you start to wonder… How can companies produce new clothing so fast, yet sell it for so cheap?

The answer, unfortunately, is a complete disregard for ethics. The cheap and readily available clothing that fits the newest trends is so convenient, especially for teenagers, that there’s an astounding lack of awareness regarding the harm of fast fashion. From sweatshops to poorly made clothing that falls apart after five washes, fast fashion is extremely hurtful and wasteful. After the clothing is made, worn, and soon after, torn, the quality makes it unsalvageable, leading to a majority of clothing being thrown into the garbage. Fast fashion creates much larger harm to both humans and the environment than it seems on the surface.

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Iris' Picks for Bumbershoot 2023

Written by TeenTix Intern Iris Opal

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Hello! I’m Iris, an intern at Teentix, a solo music producer for 5 years, and a transsexual woman. My eclectic taste greatly influences my personal work, and informed my choices of artists from the Bumbershoot roster. I’m really excited to see the great selection of extremely talented acts that will be performing this year. They put a lot of effort into showcasing a diverse array of genres and artists in their roster. My choices from the lineup will feature genres such as: shoegaze, jazz, and punk music. After I give you a run-down on the artists I chose, I’ll give some recommendations for related music to check out #1 DOMi and JD Beck

DOMi, a French keyboardist, and JD Beck, an American drummer, are a contemporary jazz duo signed to Blue Note records, a label synonymous with some of the greatest jazz artists of all time. Some of my favorite jazz CDs feature Blue Note on the spine.

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Welcome Back Bumbershoot

Written by Cordelia Janow, TeenTix Alumni

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For Seattle music lovers, Bumbershoot is highly anticipated. This Labor Day Weekend, Bumbershoot returns for its 50th anniversary with a slew of exciting acts. Sleater-Kinny, the Washington State band famously named after a highway exit, headlines the festival, highlighting one of Washington’s biggest bands and the alternative music scene that Seattle is so famous for. I love Sleater-Kinny as a Seattle local and a lover of riot-grrrl music, which brings feminism, punk, and politics together. Sleater-Kinny is sure to deliver a great set full of hits and make everyone feel like a “Modern Girl”. For fans of Sleater-Kinny and the riot-grrrl movement like myself, Bumbershoot offers more than one exciting set.

Destroy Boys are sure to bring a high-energy performance full of angst and power, keeping the audience excited. Thunder Pussy, another Seattle group, does rock and roll on their own terms and is deeply authentic about it. Electronic meets riot grrl in Pussy Riot, the group known for its activism and danceable hits. These artists merge their art with their politics and send important messages to those in the crowds. Bumbershoot’s lineup doesn’t stick to just one genre though, it offers something for everyone. I look forward to indie rock bands such as Morgan and the Organ Donors, Shannon and the Clams, and Temples, who will bring good vibes to this year's performances. ZHU is another exciting act who will get the Bumbershoot crowds dancing with his upbeat techno and electronic sound.

A final personal favorite is Puddles Pity Party, the famous singing clown who offers his own twist on various hits from across decades. Bumbershoot is sure to be a great event for all music and art lovers, full of exciting and diverse acts that everyone can enjoy!

Check out the full artist line-up here: https://bumbershoot.com/music-...

Cordelia Janow (she/her) is a rising sophomore at The University of Southern California. She is a double major, studying Theatre and American Popular Culture. Cordelia grew up on Bainbridge Island, and was heavily involved with the theatre scene both on the island and in Seattle. She has been a TeenTix member for years and is so excited to be writing for them this summer! In her free time, she loves to listen to music, play guitar, read, and go for bike rides.

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