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We got a shout out last week from the VCN2 Project blog. Honestly, I had a bit of a hard time figuring out what the VCN2 Project is, but I've nevertheless been enjoying the blog, which contains lots of interesting posts about young audience engagement (hey VCN2 people, what are you?)

Anyway, here's what they said about our humble blog:

"Many teenagers feel happier 'geeking out' with people online who share their own interests. A great example of this is the participatory blog run by Teen Tix, an arts access program based in Seattle for kids aged 13 -19. A Teen Tix pass entitles the holder to purchase $5 tickets to 36 different theatre companies and many museums in and around Seattle. Kids can also access free tickets through the Teen Tix site if they agree to write a review for the blog. The calibre of writing is very high and puts paid to those nay-sayers who think that such sites just end up full of crap."

YAY! We are not full of crap!

Thanks VCN2. We don't know who you are, but we love you anyway (this is the internet, after all.)

- Holly
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