Blush-inducing art trio SuttonBeresCuller
by Mykaila O.

On my way to interview John Sutton and Ben Beres of SuttonBeresCuller, there was one question I was absolutely dying to ask: How do you cut a van in half?

SuttonBeresCuller (John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler) make unexpected—unexpectable—art. From living on a floating island on Lake Washington (The Island) to putting a little park on a van trailer (Trailer Park) to making a portable living room with only three walls (There Goes the Neighborhood) to a sculpture creation made out of fans (The Answer, My Friend...) SuttonBeresCuller have mastered the creation of mildly mind-bending, often grin-provoking, intensely imaginative art. Their current installation, Panoptos, at Henry Art Gallery, is no exception—it’s 100% crushworthy, just like its creators.

Panoptos @ Henry Art Gallery
Photo by Matt Westervelt

John and Ben (and I’m sure Zac too) are crushworthy because their art is genius. That’s the reason. Straight up. It takes a genius (or three geniuses) to create what they do and create the way they do. Their immense creativity is enough to induce blushing in even the most stoic of art-digging teenagers. SuttonBeresCuller’s intensity, dedication, and focus about their art amazes — they’ve been working on one particularly challenging piece, Mini Mart City Park, for about six years. They are ready for just about any worst-case scenarios, learning as they go about what they need to do to realize their ideas like figuring out and creating the ideal light system for the camera to minimize glare on the pictures hung in Panoptos.

Watch Mykaila's interview with John and Ben:

Though a crazy genius artistic trio might seem a little intimidating, John and Ben were warm and inviting, and the trio seem to be nothing less than gregarious. Not surprising since they’ve worked with environmentalists, computer programmers, electrical engineers, and van cutters-in-half during the production of their art. Creative, intelligent, determined, friendly, genius? Sounds pretty crushworthy to me.

And as for that van? They told me it had to be done with extreme care.

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