How to Teen Tix

Hey there Teen Tixer! Did you know that you’re a part of a huge community of arts-going teens? Yeah! There are more than 20,000 of you now. But it’s not enough to just be a Teen Tix member – Teen Tix is about experiencing the arts. Here’s how:

1. Sign up for Teen Tix: You can register for Teen Tix anytime by going here and filling out the form. It takes 30 seconds, and it is totally, completely, 100% FREE! Be sure to provide a valid email address, and respond to the email that you'll get asking you to confirm your registration. Done!

2. Get your pass: Your little blue Teen Tix pass will come to you in the mail in about a week. This pass is your ticket to $5.00 tickets at all of our participating organizations. Lost your pass? Never got one in the first place? Go here

3. Find out what’s playing: The best way to find out about what you do and see each week with your Teen Tix pass is the Teen Tix e-newsletter. The Teen Tix e-newsletter will always tell you every single thing that you can see that week for $5.00 with your pass. It comes out every Wednesday evening right to your inbox. You can also read the newsletter on our our website. If you are registered for Teen Tix but NOT receiving the newsletter, send us an email and let us know. You can also always visit the calendar on our website.

4. Go to the show! Teen Tix tickets for performing arts (theatre, dance, music, etc.) are available day-of-show only. That means, anytime on the day that you want to go, you just show up at the box office of the venue you want to attend and buy your ticket. You can also purchase tickets over the phone on the day of the show by calling the box office. Teen Tix museum entries are good all day every day, but there are no over-the-phone sales for museums.

When you go to pick up your ticket, make sure you remember to bring your pass, some form of ID (like a school or state ID or drivers license) and your five dollars in cash. If you forget any of these things, you might not be able to buy your ticket.

IMPORTANT: Ticket availability is NOT GUARANTEED. Sometimes shows will sell out and there won’t be any day-of-show tickets available. How do you make sure there will be a ticket for you when you go? Call ahead and ask! The people who work in our participating box offices can usually tell you whether or not there will be Teen Tix tickets available on the day that you want to go. Give ‘em a call! They’re happy to help. The phone numbers for the box offices are always listed in the newsletter and on the Teen Tix website.

5. Bring a friend! On Sundays (at our performing arts venues) and Thursdays (at our museum venues) Teen Tix tickets are 2 for $10. That means that a Teen Tix member can bring anyone they like – including an adult or a child too young for Teen Tix – for just $5.00 more! Also, stay tuned to the newsletter for annoucements about special Teen Tix events.

Still have questions? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Teen Tix website:
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