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Check out John Levesque's great piece of about Teen Tix in the online P-I!

"Program manager Holly Arsenault calls it 'nurturing a whole community of arts-going teens.'

Delaney Merrick, 17, calls it 'amazing.'

Merrick will be a senior this fall at Holy Names Academy, and while she has always loved art she never thought she might be interested in a career in the arts. Until her mom discovered Teen Tix.

Merrick has become a regular reviewer on the Teen Tix Blog , expanding her horizons with commentary ranging from Pericles at Seattle Shakespeare Company to The Big Friendly Giant at Seattle Children's Theatre.

'Teen Tix definitely gives you more opportunities to do things out in the community,' said Merrick. 'It's more cultural than just going to see Batman at the Cineplex.'"

Special thanks to Delaney and Ashraf. And thanks to all of you for being a part of Teen Tix. We like you like you.
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