Just because old people like it…

...doesn't mean you won't. Here are audience reactions to A Marvelous Party, currently playing at ACT. (Actually, there is one young - and very enthusiastic - cutie in there.)

And here's what our teen reviewer, Paulina P, had to say:

"The pair of black upright pianos makes one wonder what kind of party one is about to step into, and evaluate the fact that maybe you should have dressed a tad more formally. All those worries disappear however when the four singer-characters step on the stage to give the audience some insight into why they are here...Do bear in mind that the audience was mostly older people who were there for the Noel Coward wit. That did not stop others—such as myself—from having a good time and laughing at the amazing physical comedy and witticisms of Noel Coward. A Marvelous Party runs until July 13 at the ACT, and as Coward said “Tell your friends”." Read Paulina's whole review here.

A Marvelous Party closes this Sunday at ACT.
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