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Review of The One and Only Tommy Dorsey Orchestra at Seattle Symphony


Music from the renowned Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, what a hoot! This one and only historical big band takes jazz standards to a whole new level. On a technical level, this show is flawless. Every note, every phrase and every cut off is perfect, even down to the tone of the individual instruments. Trombonist Frank Woser has impeccable tone, vibrant and smooth. Frank plays Tommy Dorsey’s solos, and fills the performance with creativity and thoughtfulness. The solos are the main attraction in this carnival of sorts.

About a third of the way through the concert, Bryan Anthony comes in and sings a few numbers with the band. He is an excellent singer. Even though he is young, his Sinatra-like image makes his songs feel like period pieces. When he starts his first few songs it can get quite loud. It is very distracting and hard to hear the wonderful band, but it gets better after those first few songs. His performance definitely opens up in the latter half, allowing him to really shine like the gem that he is. His act goes further than his voice as well. He knows so much about the popular music back in the day and he shares some of the greats--his heroes--with the audience.

This show is great for anyone who loves jazz or enjoys amazing tones and precision. The great visionary and the band leader, Terry Myers, adds modern embellishments to timeless arrangements. It is a treat to see him solo as well. There are many amazing players in this big band, notably Dalton Hagler on the tenor sax, Danny Fox on piano, and Adrian Moring on bass. This historical performance has an air of nostalgia to it so be sure to brush up on jazz standards to fully connect with the music.

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra is closed, but, if you like jazz, be sure to check out
A Night at the Cotton Club
June 6 - 9
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