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Rimini Protokoll: BEST BEFORE @ On the Boards

Okay, here's the easiest question you'll ever have to answer: What are you doing on Saturday? If you said "Going to play some video game theatre," you win.

Um, come again? Video game theatre? YES.

Rimini Protokoll is a Berlin-based theatre company that likes to blur the boundaries between theatre and life. Or, in this case, theatre and gaming. For their new show, Best Before, every member of the audience will be given a Nintendo-style game controller that they'll use to control an avatar on an on-stage screen. You will take your avatar through a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure-style storyline - should you go to college, should you fall in love, etc. and bit by bit, you'll create a virtual community with all of the other people in the audience.

Here's OtB's Communications Director, Jessica Massart, to explain it all to you:

And here's the best part: for the show at 2 pm on Saturday, May 8th, Teen Tix tickets are 2 for $10 and you can buy them in advance - no waiting 'til day-of-show! Call OtB's box office at 206-217-9888 to buy those tickets. Regular Teen Tix tickets, including 2 for $10 on Sunday, will also be available for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night's performances, May 6 - 9.

Rimini Protokoll | BEST BEFORE
May 6 - 9
Teen Tix 2 for $10 available in advance for Saturday, May 8th at 2pm
More info at ontheboards.org
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