PNB wins a Stranger Genius Award!

Today is Sheetcake Day! That's the day when Stranger staffers ambush local artists with sheetcakes that say "You're a Frickin' Genius". Why? Because this is how they inform these artists that they are each the recipient of a Stranger Genius Award, an annual $5,000 award given to four artists and one organization that the Stranger judges to be deserving of, y'know...cake (and money and glory).

So far today cakes have been delivered to Film Genius Zia Mohajerjasbi (who you may know as the auteur of numerous Blue Scholars videos), Literary Genius Stacey Levine, and Organization Genius(es?) Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Here's a picture of PNB's adorable Artistic Director Peter Boal receiving his cake:

Of course, here at Teen Tix, we didn't need the Stranger to tell us what we already knew in our hearts. You guys have been giving PNB the love from the very beginning, and this year, they took top honors in our first annual Teeny Awards. So congratulations, PNB, on a stellar awards season, enjoy your cake, and keep up the good work.


Teen Tix

UPDATE: The lovely and talented Jeffry Mitchell is the Visual Art Genius. Jeffry once gave me the best compliment I've ever received, but, alas, I cannot repeat it here. Anyway, Jeffry's show just closed at the Henry, but you can bask a bit in his genius by watching this video of him talking about his art on SAM's website. Congratulations Jeffry! Now, WHO will be the Theatre Genius? I'm bursting with anticipation!
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