She *is* Emma

Review of Tell Me on a Sunday at ArtsWest by Monet C.

The last time I saw Danielle Barnum, she was teaching me about the importance of standing and sitting straight while singing, and playing the part of April in Company at the Seattle Musical Theatre. Now, in a one person extravaganza, she is Emma!

Danielle Barnum as Emma in Tell Me on a Sunday
Photo by Matthew Durham

Emma is, at least in the beginning, a somewhat shyly outspoken English fashion designer who makes hats. Emma moves to NYC and meets up with her ”boyfriend,” Chuck, then goes to Beverly Hills with another bf, Sheldon Bloom, then off to Greenwich Village to see Joe, and finally, to Chelsea with a “Married Man,” Paul. Of the non-existent boyfriends, Emma says that “… I sometimes feel like I have misplaced my imaginary friend onstage …”

The score is racous, but, on the night I went, the instruments were shamefully out of tune. This is a real jewel of a play, one of many reasons is that it is performed only very rarely, and is a hit on both sides of the pond.

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak to Danielle after the performance. She was very sweet to allow me to interview her.

Me: How are you like Emma?

Danielle: I am very multifaceted, and I get to be myself in many of the songs, such as “Capped Teeth and Caesar Salad.”

M: How hard was it to be a one person cast?

Danielle: High pressure, Very rewarding, and lots of fun.

M: How old are you?

D: I am 24!

M: Thank you!

D: You are so welcome!

Oh, and the dress towards the end, with the slit, yeah. She wants to take that home!

Bring your imagination, and this is a play for 13+ year olds!*



- Monet C.
May 1st, 2010

Tell Me on a Sunday
Through May 23, 2010

*NOTE: ArtsWest recommends this show for people ages 10 and up.
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