This is just a funny story about Marvin Hamlisch and Jon Stewart on Regis and Kathie Lee

Okay, so, the story is that Jon Stewart and Marvin Hamlisch are sitting backstage at Regis and Kathie Lee (which is a talk show that used to be on the tv back before most of you were born - this was 1996) and Kathie Lee makes a crack about nobody knowing who Jon Stewart is (imagine!) and Hamlisch turns to Stewart and goes "Oooh. Burn." The end.

Hi, I'm young, unknown comedian Jon Stewart

Hi, I'm ridiculously famous and successful musician Marvin Hamlisch

Meet composer/conductor/huge Broadway star Marvin Hamlisch at Teen Night at Seattle Symphony on Friday, June 4th. More info here.

Teen Night at Seattle Symphony with Marvin Hamlisch
Friday, June 4th
7:00: Pre-show meet & greet with Marvin Hamlisch (first 50 ticket buyers)
7:15:Schmoozing and cupcaking (for all!) featuring winners of the 2010 Essentially Ellington Outstanding Soloist Award, hailing from the celebrated Garfield, Roosevelt and Edmond Woodward High School jazz bands
8:00:The Music Man in 60 Minutes
Call 206.215.4818 RIGHT NOW and mention Teen Tix to buy your $5 advance ticket and secure your spot in the Hamlisch reception.

Questions? We're here for ya. Email or call us at 206-233-3959.
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