Twilight makes me disappointed in my generation of young people.

#5 in our "Twilight Makes Me" series, by Safiye S.

Is this the best thing young people can find to obsess about? A harlequin romance initially marketed towards tweens chock full of cliche and grammatical errors? And the protagonist! Cripes! Her shallowness and banality would be excusable if she had any redeeming qualities at all, but she's really just a completely flat character. Whatever happened to the Lily Barts and Emma Bovarys of fiction? They were like Bella in that they were superficial and definitely not good role models, but they still retained their ability to make the reader sympathize with them. And the reason is because they were dynamic and multi-faceted characters. They weren't just characters defined by the man (or vampire, in this case) that they were in love with. Lets face it -- Twilight stinks of sexism. Next time, do society a favor and buy your kid Jane Eyre.

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