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The Talent Show @ Henry Art Gallery

Amie Siegel, My Way 1

There are only three days left to see this bizarre and intriguing exhibit at Henry Art Gallery. The Talent Show addresses the growing need for fame, popularized by reality television shows and social media crazes such as YouTube and Twitter. Popularity has become a force of its own--not just in America, but all over the world. In contrast, web services such as Google Maps and World have severely reduced the universal right to privacy. This exhibit examines the complicated relationships that have arisen due to all these factors, attempting to comment on the value of privacy and the desire for recognition.

To read the review on The Talent Show by Chloe L., go here.

Talent Show
Through August 21
Henry Art Gallery

REMEMBER: The Henry is ALWAYS FREE for Teen Tix members, and you can always bring a guest for $5!

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