Interview with Betsey Brock, Executive Director of On the Boards


Each year we look forward to sharing the amazing stories of our GiveBIG SUPERSTARS with our TeenTix community. This year, we’ve added a “magic” word to this title to reflect the extra special nature of this group of devoted arts access champions who have transformed TeenTix with their consistent support. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our first TeenTix GiveBIG SUPERSTAR SORCERER Betsey Brock! Betsey is one of just nine people in the whole world who has donated to TeenTix during GiveBIG every year since 2013!

Betsey has been a TeenTix fan from the beginning; she first got to know our programs through her good friend Holly Arsenault, the first Executive Director of TeenTix! At the time, Betsey was working at TeenTix Partner Henry Art Gallery, and her husband (curator and former art critic Eric Fredericksen) was asked to work with the TeenTix Press Corps, so the whole family soon got to see TeenTix’s programs in action... Not long after, her son turned 13 and signed up for his own TeenTix Pass. Today, as Executive Director of TeenTix Partner On the Boards, Betsey regularly works with TeenTix to foster an intelligent and engaged audience of young people.

Betsey is a dedicated arts attender who often finds herself at The Henry, Seattle Symphony, Langston, Washington Ensemble Theatre, Velocity Dance Center, and in small contemporary art galleries around the city. However, preferring to attend and cultivate the work of others, she does not consider herself the creative type and instead likes to think of herself as a “cultural producer”. “As a human, I think it’s great that there is a program that is not about making, participating, or performing but instead focuses on the idea of being an active and informed audience member and patron. Understanding the importance of audience engagement is TeenTix’s real magic.

As a parent, arts partner representative, and arts appreciator, Betsey is the expert on what TeenTix can do for you. “Go see everything you can! TeenTix members, you have this limited amount of time where you can see everything for $5. Take full advantage of it because you might land on something that will change your life and hopefully it will make you think and inspire you in ways you can’t even imagine...” Here at TeenTix we could not support this mindset more!

Thank you, Betsey, for supporting us, in all the ways, but specifically through GiveBIG. You’re our arts access wizard!

Speaking of GiveBig, it’s almost here. Click here to learn more about TeenTix’s exciting plans for GiveBIG, or make your gift today.

Lead Photo Caption: Betsey Brock on the left with her husband Erick Fredericksen and TeenTix Board Members Karen Bystrom and Ariel Glassman


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