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History Comes to Life

​Review of All the Way at Seattle Repertory Theatre

The infamous LBJ, Lyndon Baines Johnson, is most renowned for his civil rights activism. But did you know that he used the word “bunghole” in a sentence to a tailor and asked that there be some extra room left in the lower front part of his trousers for his “nutsack” to have some breathing space? Such hilarious moments are now immortalized on stage, and in the brilliant script written by Robert Schenkkan, with All the Way at...

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Thank you!!!

You did it!
Thanks to the your generous donations and the support of ArtsFund, the Raynier Foundation, and Power2Give, TeenTix raised $7190 to fund our move to our brand new headquarters! This is a huge moment in our transition from Seattle Center public program to independent organization, and it is so great to know that we have a community surrounding us that believes in our work. Thank you.

Yesterday, we heard from...

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My Playlist

​Fashion Tips and Reading Recommendations from TeenTix Press Corps Writer Hattie S.

About the DJ: I love architecture, painting, and interior design. When I’m bored, I redecorate my bedroom. Music is my savior, and I’m probably going to be deaf by the time I’m 30 due to the fact that I’m almost never seen without earbuds in. I read a lot, like math, and really enjoy fashion. Obsessions include but are not limited to: Harry Potter, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Death Cab for Cutie, Gossip Girl, Banksy, San...

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Lovers vs. Fighters

​Review of Dogfight at ArtsWest

Dogfight is the quintessential story of lovers versus fighters.

Set in San Francisco in 1963, a group of macho marines decide to celebrate their last evening by holding a dogfight — a long-standing tradition in which men compete for money to recruit the ugliest date for a party. The plan is set off course, however, when one of the girls, an awkward waitress named Rose Fenny (Devon Busswood), discovers she’s been tricked into...

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Get Your Sugarplums On

​PNB loves you

As all you old school TeenTixers know, Pacific Northwest Ballet's wildly popular Nutcracker ballet is the only PNB show all year that is not TeenTix eligible. However, because they love us so much, PNB always puts aside a little stash of TeenTix tickets for one Nutcracker performance each year. It is an amazing, annual tradition that draws teens from far and wide. You won't want to miss it.

This year's TeenTix-able...

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A Gender-bending Comedy of Love

​Review of Twelfth Night at Seattle Shakespeare Company

For many people, the biggest hurdle faced when reading Shakespeare is the language. It can be impenetrable on the page, and consequently very boring. Many of the words he uses are unfamiliar, and so much of the humor, meaning, and plot gets lost behind that. If that is your biggest problem with Shakespeare, though, this production of Twelfth Night will be a huge relief. The acting is near-impeccable, making it easy to discern...

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Celebrate Halloween with TeenTix!

Trick or treating: Maybe. Seeing art: Definitely.

​'Tis the season of spook, and our partner organizations are delivering quite a scare! Here's a comprehensive guide to All Hallow's Eve events around Seattle.

Shredder Orpheus @ On the Boards
Shredder OrpheusOct 31 @ 9:00 PM
Ages 16+

To save the world and his kidnapped wife, Orpheus must penetrate the world of the dead and free the television airwaves. Armed with a futuristic guitar and a skateboard from hell, Orpheus storms onto the...

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My Playlist

Tenacious Picks from TeenTix Press Corps Writer Jessica J.

About the DJ: Jessica is tiny but tenacious. She has a passion for social justice, with a particular interest in diverse media representation and art as resistance, but is also deeply invested in narratives about children falling in love and saving the world (in a strange turn of art-as-wish-fulfillment). She loves thunderstorms, public transportation, and petting other people’s dogs.

1. Italo Calvino
Postmodern Italian...

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A Feast for the Senses

​Review of the common S E N S E at Henry Art Gallery

A fully immersive experience is rare when it comes to art. More often viewers are separated by glass and velvet ropes. When one gets the opportunity to leave a trace, it invokes a visceral response. With the common S E N S E, Ann Hamilton asks viewers to go beyond viewing and achieves a highly intimate relationship between the work and the viewer.

Artist Ann Hamilton has been given the unusual chance to take over the entire...

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Two and a Half Hours of Irresistible, Tubular Fun

​Review of Kinky Boots at 5th Avenue Theatre

The cast of the first national tour of Kinky Boots. ​Photo credit: Matthew Murphy.

According to Kinky Boots’ tagline, sometimes the best way to fit in is to stand out. In the case of the production at 5th Avenue Theatre, the musical just stands out — no fitting in required.

If you’re into the musical theater scene, you’ve probably already heard of Kinky Boots. The musical first came onto the scene in a big way in 2012, winning six Tonys — including Best Musical and Best Original Score — and nominated for...

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My Playlist

​Music, Television, Movies, and More from TeenTix Press Corps Writer Susana D.

About the DJ: Hi. My name is Susana. I am a freshman at Garfield High School. In my free time I like to play violin and soccer. I also spend hours attempting to flatten my fringe. (Harry Potter, I feel you.) I love musical theater and Studio Ghibli films, although I cannot speak Japanese to save my life — don't tell my teachers! Disclaimer: I love ranting, so watch out!

1. Frankie Cosmos
I learned about Frankie Cosmos...

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How to Follow Your Heart

​Review of Sarah Prefers to Run at Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Running is the focus of Sarah’s life, as much a part of it as breathing or sleeping. She cannot imagine life without it and wants to continue running at college in Montreal. But standing in her way is a lack of money and opposition from her mother. As Sarah fights to keep running, Sarah Prefers to Run portrays the struggle of doing what you love, no matter the cost.

When asked why she does track and field, Sarah simply...

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An Engaging Love Story

​Review of Mary's Wedding at New Century Theatre Company

Mary’s Wedding by New Century Theatre Company is an engaging, fantastic love story.

With only two actors in the whole production, a phenomenal performance is created between them. There’s a young British girl, Mary (played by Maya Sugarman), who moved to Canada with her family and the Canadian soldier (played by Conner Neddersen) who she fell in love with during the time of World War I. The whole play is a combination of...

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Parallel Lives, Unparalleled Tension

​Review of Slip/Shot at Seattle Public Theater

Quinn Armstrong as Clem. Photo by Paul Bestock.

BANG! With a single gunshot, many lives change. Seattle Public Theater’s Pacific Northwest premiere of Slip/Shot evokes serious thought about the truth behind racial tension both in the 1960s and now. Written by Jacqueline Goldfinger in 2012, the play takes place in the racially divided town of Tallahassee in 1963, where a white security guard accidentally kills an innocent young black man.

The first part of the play...

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My Playlist

​Freaking Awesome Music and Art Recommendations from TeenTix Press Corps Writer Alyssa T.

About the DJ: I’m a nerdy programmer who lives for art, music, and anything ridiculously awesome, especially the five things I’m going to tell you about. I graduated from the UW Informatics: Human-Computer Interaction program, and in my spare time, I sing, sketch, and play the viola and guitar. Over the summer, I went on an art splurge in Europe and became a cheese farmer in France for a couple weeks. It was freaking awesome....

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Shining Bright

​Review of Jewels at Pacific Northwest Ballet by Megan R.

Pacific Northwest Ballet soloists William Lin-Yee and Elizabeth Murphy with company dancers in "Emeralds." Photo by Angela Sterling.

The show starts off with a bang — or rather, with a timpani. With the glittering curtain still down, the sound of Tchaikovsky soars from the orchestra pit and fills the concert hall. Then the curtain lifts and more then a dozen dancers come into view. As they leap and twirl across the stage, the dancers, dressed in sparkly bodices and flowing green skirts, truly become jewels.

Jewels at Pacific Northwest Ballet doesn’t set...

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Like Watching a Musician Destroy His Guitar

​Reveiw of Germinal at On the Boards

From the beginning of Germinal, one can tell it's an unconventional production. The stage lights flash repeatedly into the audience, followed by a mysterious light display on stage, all narrated by bursts of nervous laughter from the audience. After the stage lights finally come fully on, one expects the actors to talk, but they can't. Rather their thoughts are projected onto the back wall of the stage, a concept which later...

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Throwback Thursday

​Review of A Chorus Line at 5th Avenue Theatre by Bella A.

The company of "A Chorus Line." Photo by Mark Kitaoka.

Two hours and 10 minutes of sitting in the gorgeous 5th Avenue Theatre with no intermission immerses you in the stories of each character encountered. A Chorus Line has the elaborate dance numbers of a Broadway showstopper, but also the intimate feel of underground theater as characters twist, twirl, yell, and even weep before you.

Winner of nine Tony Awards, this musical is regarded as a classic in the world of theater....

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Apply to be a MOHAI Youth Advisor!

Are you destined to be a curator? A docent? A leader in the arts community? It's that time of year again--applications are now open for MOHAI's Youth Advisors!

"MOHAI's Youth Advisors (MYA) is a place for high school students to investigate, explore, and be empowered to create a more teen-friendly museum. This team of 15 high school students, ages 14-18, will meet twice monthly, set goals, and review deliverables. Tasks will include spending time with visitors in the galleries, interviewing peers, attending and reviewing other cultural programs in the area, and program development at...

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The Reimagining of an American Hero

​Review of The Mountaintop at ArtsWest

As I took my seat in the ArtsWest’s beautiful theater I was immediately was entranced by the set of The Mountaintop. Rain falling down windows transported me to another time and place. If I was at all distracted before, as soon as the lights dimmed in the theater, my mind was nowhere but right there in the Lorraine Motel with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the angel who comes to visit him the night before he is to die.


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