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One Doesn’t Need a Magic Flower to Fall in Love

​Review of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Pacific Northwest Ballet

The story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is complex. There are kings and queens, fairies, multiple love stories, magic spells, and a character whose head is replaced with that of a donkey’s. As if reading Shakespeare’s own original work wasn’t difficult enough, Pacific Northwest Ballet has taken on the fanciful tale in an even more challenging way: wordlessly. With music by Felix Mendelssohn and choreography by George...

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It May Be Hard to Distinguish What is Supposed to Be, And That’s Just Fine

​The TeenTix Press Corps' Latest Recruits Review Miró: The Experience of Seeing at Seattle Art Museum

“As I walked into the Miró: The Experience of Seeing at Seattle Art Museum, I noticed first off the gorgeous use of color in the artwork itself. A greeting piece that demands attention, Miró’s ‘Woman, Bird and Star’ is the essence of larger-than-life colors. The second thing I noticed was not the other art pieces, but the bright, crimson wall that stands out from its white peers. There are several atmospheric touches like...

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​TeenTix Press Corps Writer Sophie D. Likes Many Nerdy Things

About the DJ: I like many nerdy things and if I don't know what you're talking about, I'm always willing to learn. Because I love learning about new things, I'm also active in journalism and media production. I will be attending New York University in the fall, where I will be studying Media, Culture, and Communication.

On my recent flights to and from New York, I listened to South Korean pop group BIGBANG's...

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​What TeenTix Press Corps Writer Nancy M. Has Been Watching, Reading, and Listening To

About the DJ: Right now, I am a senior at Hazen High School, but I am super excited to be spending the next school year at the University of Washington! My hobbies include taking gratuitous selfies with my cat Chico, consuming copious amounts of chai tea, and Netflix binging.

1. Mapei
Mapei premiered the music video for her single "Don’t Wait" last week, and the song has since been on repeat on my iPod every day....

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​These Are a Few of TeenTix Press Corps Writer Maddie E.'s Favorite Things

About the DJ: I am an aspiring playwright, novelist, chef, computer scientist, screenwriter, and now art critic. My special talents include puns, procrastination, and cupcake frosting. My special talents do not include painting, playing trumpet, or understanding intermolecular forces, but I make frequent attempts anyway. I live by the phrase, “A sloth is just a koala doing tai-chi.”

1. Emma Approved
This webseries is an...

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Press Corps Orientation at Seattle Art Museum

​Hey blog-reader! Want to become a blog-writer?

Take your interaction with the arts to the next level — learn how to write about them!

If you want to become a writer for the TeenTix blog, now's your chance!

Learn the basics of how writing for the blog works (assignments, deadlines, editing, etc.) and how to write a solid arts review.

Art critic Eric Fredericksen will guide you through Seattle Art Museum's "Miro: The Experience of Seeing" exhibition while imparting...

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Our very first national press!

​NPR shows TeenTix the love

This is BIG. We got our very first national press today when a story about TeenTix from local NPR station KPLU was posted to national NPR's facebook wall! WOO HOO!!!!

TeenTixers, just take a second and remember how amazing you are. Seattle is the only place in the country that has TeenTix. Seattle is showing the rest of the world that teens actually do care about art. You are making a difference for young people everywhere....

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The Perfect Beginner’s Performance

​Review of Pinocchio at Pacific Northwest Ballet

The most common excuses my friends give me when I ask them to accompany me to the ballet are the following:

  1. “It’s too long!”
  2. “I never understand what’s going on!”
  3. “It’s boring!”

But Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Pinocchio is the perfect beginner’s performance to gain an appreciation for ballet. Only running a little over an hour, it eliminates the inevitable fidgeting that often accompanies long periods of...

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Tiptoeing Through Delicate Illusions

​Review of The Suit at Seattle Repertory Theatre

Ivanno Jeremiah and Nonhlanhla Kheswa in Peter Brook’s The Suit.

Painted in primary reds, yellows, greens, and blues, the dozen chairs that make up the majority of The Suit’s set are unrealistically simple, impossibly bright. They’re the sort of chairs a child would draw for stick figures in a two-dimensional house, shallow and cheery.

The chairs are fitting for the home of Philomen (Ivanno Jeremiah) and his wife, Matilda (Nonhlanhla Khewsa). The two tiptoe around the delicate illusion...

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TeenTix Press Corps Writer Vivian L.'s Latest Loves

About the DJ:  I’m currently a junior, who is often mistaken for a freshman, at Garfield High School in Seattle. I enjoy short walks on wifi-enabled beaches and debating which of the Disney princesses is best with anyone who will listen (Hint: It’s Tiana). I love spending afternoons finding new music online and singing very old music with my choir.

1. 14/48
14/48 is a ridiculously intense festival which gives playwrights a...

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All-Inclusive? Not So Much

​Review of Revealing Queer at MOHAI

The Revealing Queer exhibit at MOHAI seeks to showcase queer — i.e. GSRM (gender, sexual, & romantic minorities) and LGBTQIA+ — history in the greater Seattle area. However, like many queer movements, have they focused too much on the L, G, and B and forgotten the T, I, and A?

The LGB letters in the popular acronym LGBTQIA+ (often erroneously shortened to “LGBT,” an acronym criticized for leaving out multiple gender,...

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Everything Your Secret, Greasy Heart Desires

​Review of Little Shop of Horrors at ACT in Collaboration with 5th Avenue Theatre

There’s a spaceship in the rafters.

At least, it looks like one. It’s white and ovate with jagged, tooth-like pieces of metal, conspicuously dangling among the stage lights overhead. I spent fifteen minutes wondering how an alien encounter could possibly fit into my painstaking research on the musical, the entire half paragraph of a Wikipedia synopsis that I skimmed beforehand. Then the house lights went dark, the twisted,...

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Breaking the Mold of Old, White Males

​Review of Third at ArtsWest

Breaking the mold of old, white males pontificating on the meaning and beauty of the Bard, Professor Laurie Jameson is a feminist, anti-hegemonic force of progressive thought — or so she thinks. Seemingly unaware that her life of tolerance has instead made her intolerant, Laurie (played by Marty Mukhalian) must re-evaluate her beliefs and behaviors when they’re called into question.

In the midst of her mid-life crisis, the...

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Best Show Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1!

​Review of Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1! at Jet City Improv

OK, so maybe it’s not the best show ever, but Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1! is certainly a fun and worthwhile way to spend your evening. This improvised show at Jet City Improv asks the audience to pick a place (anywhere in the world) and a category (attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc.), and then proceeds to find some of the worst reviews on TripAdvisor.com with these criteria.

Part of the fun of the show is hearing...

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​Lots of the Things Press Corps Writer Leon V.A. Likes

About the DJ: Leon is a 17-year-old in their second quarter of college in Bellevue. They like a lot of things, mostly relating to writing, the paranormal, Paganism, and LGBTQIA* representation — paranormal novels about queer Pagans are pretty much the best thing that they can imagine. They go by they/them and he/his pronouns; and they also like writing bios about themselves in the third person.

1. Welcome to Night Vale

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​A Few of Press Corps Writer Emma T.'s Favorite Things

About the DJ: I’m a college sophomore writing you all the way from the frigid wastes of upstate New York and counting the days until I can come home. I’m a double major—English (Creative Writing) and Social Sciences — and I love all things involving the arts: theater, dance, film, fine, or otherwise.

1. Romeo and Juliet, 2013
I just finally managed to get my hands on the latest iteration of the love story to end all love...

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Poof, A Live Puppet!

​Review of Pinocchio at Seattle Children's Theatre by Kajmere H.

I had the opportunity to visit Seattle Children’s Theatre and watch the newest adaptation of Pinocchio — and a new adaptation it was. The theater is known for it's well-acted plays for children and families. Having had the chance to enjoy several alongside my own family, I was excited to see what they would pull off this time.

As the story goes, Gepetto, a poor woodworker, makes a puppet from said wood and calls it...

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This Just In: Teens Like Art

​TeenTix members purchased over 10,000 five-dollar tickets to the arts in 2013

Hey! Did you guys know that teens like art? Of course you did, and so did we! That's why there's a thing called TeenTix, tra la la.

But did you know HOW MUCH teens like art? Guess what? It's SO MUCH. For example, in 2013, teens liked art 10,689 times (And that's only counting the times you liked art with TeenTix. We know that you sometimes go see art without us AND WE'RE TOTALLY FINE WITH IT.) 

More fun numbers!


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​TeenTix Press Corps Writer Naomi T.'s Latest Obsessions

About the DJ:  I'm currently a senior in  high school, and I'm preparing to go off to college next year to study cello performance.  Apart from music, I am interested in all art forms, particularly film and literature. I'm also really into cupcakes and pie.

1. National Theater Live at the SIFF Cinema
I recently saw the encore broadcast of Coriolanus at the Uptown and it was incredible, as was Frankenstein, which was shown...

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2014 Parent Survey: Results and Answers

Thank you to all of the TeenTix parents who took the time to complete our first-ever parent survey! Your answers have already helped us make the program better for you and your kids. 

Today I wanted to share some of the results of the survey, share some of your comments, and answer some questions that came up a lot. Of course, if you have any questions or thoughts about to improve TeenTix, I would love to hear from you. My...

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