Spring’s Arrival Marks Great Seattle Art

Teen Editorial Staff March 2024 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Audrey Gray and Daphne Bunker

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The sun’s coming up in Seattle. As the evenings grow lighter, cherry blossoms bloom, and March brings us closer and closer to the equinox, now is the perfect time to step out into the near-spring air and go see some art with your TeenTix pass. This month, the Newsroom’s slate of reviews covers gothic theater, pluralistic choreography, classic musicals, and local comedy: a plentiful and varied spring spread!

Over at Dacha Theatre, Mikhail Bulkakov’s “gothic Soviet fairytale” Master and the Margarita is coming to the stage. Opening on March 22 and running at 12th Avenue Arts on Capitol Hill, the play is perfect for audiences who want to be entranced by magical realism and pulled into hilarious satire. A perfect partner to Dacha’s production is The Moors at Seattle Public Theater. This play, running from March 22 to April 14, promises even more gothic goodness, this time entrenched in the mystery of the English moors. Between unexpected arrivals and the secrets of old houses, The Moors will bring a rush of intrigue into your month.

For something a little closer to home than 1930s Moscow and Austen-esque England, check out Seattle Secrets at Unexpected Productions. In this improvisational program, audience members can anonymously submit their very own secrets, and performers improvise based on those secrets. The show spans every tone from classic comedy to sincere drama, and it runs at the Market Theater on Fridays and Saturdays all month long.

Village Theatre’s production of The Fantasticks, running until April 21, promises magic and wonder for the spring season. If musical theater is your cup of tea, this production is not one to miss–Village is bringing a new interpretation to the work that’ll make the classic shine for the Seattle scene.

For a dose of dance this month, Edmonds Center for the Arts is hosting Radical System Art for a performance that is sure to be invigorating and enlightening in a way you may not have considered. This contemporary troupe fuses dance with martial arts and theatre to create a truly unique performing arts experience. If you’re interested in expanding your artistic horizons, make sure to check it out on the 23rd of this month.

Spring can be a great time to reinvent yourself and your mindset. Great art got us through the winter, and we can also rely on it to carry us into spring–this month, the TEDS hope that our suggestions will offer a good starting point for your personal reinvigoration and reinvention. Check out the TeenTix calendar for more shows to use your pass with!

Lead Photo Credit: courtesy of Arno Smit on Unsplash

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