A Classic Story Entertainingly Executed

​Review of A Room with a View at 5th Avenue Theatre by Hattie Sanders

A Room With A View

The Fifth Avenue Theatre’s musical A Room with a View was, to say the least, very well done, and that is coming from someone who does not prefer that type of production.

The plot of story is actually quite simple and quite predictable (It is a classic, after all.). A young, adventurous British woman travels to Italy with her overbearing, much more traditionally British
cousin. She meets a young man, and he falls in love with her. Of course, there is a “but”: She is engaged to a complete snob who is filthy rich, which is the only reason for their engagement.

In spite of the extremely classic storyline, however, the production is very interesting and entertaining. The music is nice, in particular the song “Splash” and the hilarious scene that accompanies it. Comedic bits like this make the play much more enjoyable, adding greatly to the musical’s overall quality.

Laura Griffith, who plays the main character, Lucy, is amazing. Her voice is sweet and wonderful and her acting superb. I don’t think that they could have possibly chose someone better for the part. The actor who plays George, the young man whom Lucy fell in love with, Louis Hobson, has surprisingly strong vocals. At one part in the musical, it is raining, and he belts out this amazing song about his love for Lucy while having water poured on him.

Overall, A Room with a View is an amazing production with amazing actors. I had so much fun watching it!

A Room with a View
5th Avenue Theatre
April 15 - May 11

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