A Hilarious Mess

Review of The Imaginary Invalid by Ori R., age 17

Hypochondriacs are easy to make fun of. Moliere takes a "sick" joke to a whole new level in The Imaginary Invalid. A man who constantly believes he is sick tries to marry his daughter off to a doctor. The play is a beautiful catastrophe. People who love a hilarious mess will adore this production! Invalid is a musical, and as most musicals are, it is a high-end presentation. The sets are astounding, the costumes are elegant, and the actors are top-notch. The play may seem a tad long for a comedy, but the two hours fly by. I took my younger brother (15) to the play with me, and he didn’t even notice what time it was when I took him home. This musical was so hilarious, I could barely settle down to go to sleep afterwards!

Julie Briskman and Bradford Farwell in The Imaginary Invalid. Photo by Chris Bennion.

The Imaginary Invalid is incredibly witty, clever, and littered with thin-masked innuendo. All of these elements combine to make a classic comedy that teens and adults alike shall love. For the boys: fart jokes. For the girls: misled romance. For the adults: quite a lot more than a review should say. This play had so many quotable lines, and if you know Latin, then the doctors’ dialogues will strike you as comical indeed. All in all, take as many friends as you possibly can to see this play, or send your parents for a comedy-packed night on the town!

Ori R.
February 27th, 2008

The Imaginary Invalid
Seattle Repertory Theatre
Through March 22nd
More info and show times: seattlerep.org
Seattle Rep's Ticket Office: 206-443-2222
Ticket Office Hours: Daily, noon - performance time

Seattle Rep is located at 155 Mercer Street, on the North edge of Seattle Center. It is served by buses 1,2,3,4,13,15,16,18,45, 74 and 85. For bus times: tripplanner.metrokc.gov

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