A Laugh-filled Time, Completely Worth the Hurt the Next Morning

​Review of Upside Downton at Jet City Improv by Griffin Scott-Rifer


Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey. I love all of the drama, romance, and, of course, the beautiful costumes. Jet City Improv’s new improvised take on the show, entitled Upside Downton, has all of these plus hilarious mockery of the show I love.

I know that Downton Abbey is over-the-top dramatic, and Jet City’s take on it made me laugh at that fact. I loved Molly Arkin’s hilarious turn as Lady Eleanor, a Lady Mary-esque countess who won’t reveal who the father of her unborn child is because she was too drunk to remember.

All of the acting in Upside Downton is excellent and had me laughing so hard. In addition to Arkin, Nick Edwards as Charlie is hilarious. The wonderfully awkward silences between Edwards and Arkin were so funny, and when the show came to a close there was a potential sister-wife situation and just a generally very awkward situation. Every single member of the cast made me laugh, and probably a little too much considering that I was hurting the next morning.

And of course I don’t have to worry about giving spoilers because tomorrow the show will be completely different. That’s one of the best things about improv. I could see Upside Downton every night of its run, and still laugh just as hard as I did the night before because it would be totally different.

I would definitely recommend Upside Downton to anyone who loves Downton Abbey, and even people who don’t will find this show to be a laugh-filled time, completely worth the hurt the next morning.

Upside Downton
Jet City Improv
January 9 - February 14

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