A Mystical and Immersive Experience

Review of Into the Woods at the 5th Avenue Theatre

Written by Khaison Le during an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School


The play Into the Woods at the 5th Avenue theater, is a bewitching world that brings fairy tales to reality. It is a tale that follows a great cast of characters who find themselves in the woods attempting to carry out their wishes. With beautiful costumes and lighting the musical creates a mesmerizing world that takes the viewers into the story. The musical numbers and coordination add to the spectacle and create an immersive experience. The play follows the theme of consequences and the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions, while the characters are well developed and brought to life by talented performers.

Into the Woods follows the tale of characters who find themselves in the woods trying to carry out their wishes. Nonetheless, they discover that their actions have great consequences. The tale follows a baker and his wife as they pursue items to break a curse that prevents them from having a child. Along the path, they run into famous characters from many different classic fairy tales such as Cinderella, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red.

Though their wishes are granted, they shortly realize that it is extremely important to take responsibility for their actions. The musical showcases the six elements of theater beautifully. The spectacle of the show is astonishing, with elaborate set designs and costumes that take the viewers into the mystical world. The use of lighting and special effects adds to the overall spectacle of the performance, creating a stunning atmosphere. The musical element of the show is also captivating, with catchy and emotional songs that move the story forward. The orchestra complements the performer's singing and acting capabilities, creating a stunning immersive experience.

The characters in Into the Woods are all notable, with different motivations and unique personalities. The performer's acting skills and talent bring their characters to life. Such as the baker singing “No More”: "No more riddles. No more jests. No more curses you can't undo left by fathers you never knew.", you could hear the genuine emotion in his voice. creating a connection with the audience. The mysterious character, the Witch, is portrayed by a talented performer who adds depth and humor to the story. The theme of the show is also significant, traversing the consequences of wishes and the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions. The story dives into this idea through the individual character's journey, letting the audience witness their growth and development.

Overall, "Into the Woods is an outstanding play that shows some of the best of what theater has to offer. With its amazing spectacle, elaborate use of music, the vast cast of memorable characters, and meaningful themes, it provides a mystical and immersive experience for the viewers. The language used in the show is very amusing and clever, adding humor and depth to the story. The musical is a great watch and I recommend it to anyone and especially for someone who loves fairy tales and great storytelling.

Lead Photo: Anne Allgood, Sarah "SG" Garcia, Cayman Ilika, and Porscha Shaw. Photo Credit: Mark Kitaoka

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This review was written as part of an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School in Jessica Fishman's Language Arts classes, taught by Press Corps teaching artists Jordi Montes and Jay Chavez.

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