An Engaging Love Story

​Review of Mary's Wedding at New Century Theatre Company by Hattie Sanders

Marys Wedding

Mary’s Wedding by New Century Theatre Company is an engaging, fantastic love story.

With only two actors in the whole production, a phenomenal performance is created between them. There’s a young British girl, Mary (played by Maya Sugarman), who moved to Canada with her family and the Canadian soldier (played by Conner Neddersen) who she fell in love with during the time of World War I. The whole play is a combination of scenes from their time together and scenes from his time at war based on letters he sent, melded together seamlessly.

The set as a barn in the theater is amazing, complete with real hay — the smell of which definitely confirms the real part. And the ceiling is covered in a chandelier of branches, from which hung bare lightbulbs that flash and shine at different levels of brightness throughout the play. The sound effects, including thunder, gunshots, explosions, and music, are perfect and made me feel like I was there.

At the beginning and even at some parts during Mary’s Wedding, I was confused with what was happening. However, this only adds to the sudden clarity effect when everything falls into place. In the end, it becomes clear that the whole thing is actually Mary dreaming about the soldier a few years later — the night before her wedding to another man. I am fairly sure that everyone in the small, intimate theater was crying by the end.

With $5 tickets available with a TeenTix pass, I really don’t think you have any reason not to go see New Century Theatre Company’s production of Mary’s Wedding.

Mary's Wedding
New Century Theatre Company
September 18 - October 11

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