An Exciting Ride on Life’s Roller Coaster

Review of Avenue Q at Balagan Theatre by Sam H-A.

What's your purpose? Do you KNOW your purpose? Well, Princeton doesn't. Except instead of Princeton being played by an actor, onstage singing and dancing, he's a puppet WITH an actor. Onstage, singing and dancing. So are most of the residents on Avenue Q, including Kate and Lucy (the love interests), the Bad News Bears (see name), and Trekkie Monster (the one friend everyone has who's obsessed with the internet . . . and ya know. . . porn).

Princeton is taken on a journey where he experiences love, loss, joy, revelation, and somehow manages to get some funny jokes in there. Now, this show sounds sweet and touching, totally innocent, right? Wrong. Avenue Q, although sweet and touching, is almost a pop-like musical. Not to mention that there's smoking references, drinking, and sex. All these things people come across in life. Avenue Q is a real musical, about real life. Making you realize everything in life is only "For Now". Including but not limited to: sex, your hair, Fox News, and smiles.
Life is a roller coaster, and Avenue Qtakes you on an exciting ride through life.

Avenue Q
Balagan Theatre
Through December 16

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