Aright Holly, I will bite… Lets say it was inte…

Aright Holly, I will bite...

Lets say it was intentional. You were right in saying it was a choice, one I did not like. Part of what I consider to be my job when seeing a piece of art, is to in take the presentation of the work. I felt, ascetically Act II did not show the same detail and polish in it's set design and lighting as the rest of the performance. It felt more loosely constructed. (The column did not move smoothly, people could be seen through the sheet pulling the strings.) If the directors intention was to obstruct the audiences view, then it should be more evident to patrons of the theatre that this, was in fact his intention. I as an audience member, could not tell and intermission began with me feeling angry and confused. (and NOT in an artistically stimulated manner)

Thank you for your comments.
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