Balagan’s New Works Program


This theater's definitely interesting. They're partaking in a New Works Program where new shows are being developed constantly.

"Pump Up the Volume" is a rock theater show adapted from the movie with the same title. Great singing and covers a sensitive topic relatable for youth everywhere.

"Ernest Shackleton Loves Me" had a sensitive song excerpt, but I couldn't quite discern what it was about.

"Thankskilling" is about a homicidal turkey named Turkie and the teens that need to stop it. If you share a "man love" with a friend, this might be a great one to go watch.

"The roaring 21st" is set during the Prohibition. I can't wait to see the costuming for this show.

"Island Song" is about five New Yorkers caught in a twisted love affair with...the city. City girls and boys feeling small in the large expanse, GO SEE THIS !!

This program looks contemporary, meaningful, and just so different from the usual theater shows you'll see around town.

-Jennie K.

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