Beautiful Story but Also Tragic

Review of Into the Woods at the 5th Avenue Theatre

Written by Jasmin Hernandez Romero during an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School


Would you believe me when I say that the play Into the Woods was the best play I ever saw. The play was amazing, the avenue theater was so fancy and the actors were amazing and everything in the play felt so realistic and the actors really played their character well. The plot was so lovely it went to love to loss. The characters were really funny.

The plot in Into the Woods was about a baker and the baker's wife. They both wanted to have a baby but couldn't have one but they stumbled upon a witch that could help them have a baby but they needed four items in order to have a baby, so they agreed. The items they needed was a glass slipper, a red, and a cow. In act two a giant was discovered in their village and they have to put a stop to the giant and they come up with a plan.

Everyone should see Into the Woods because the lights and effects were outstanding. The effects of the play are so detailed and the lights are so bright and beautiful it can make you go blind.

In the scenes of the play you can see fog coming out of the side of the stage telling us that it's a foggy day, also they try to copy the movie Into the Woods because the movie shows us fog in the background.

Based on this evidence, I can conclude that the effects are shown to make the stage more realistic or make the stage and plot more realistic.

Another piece of evidence is the lights. When the lights are shown it's based on the mood of the characters and when the giant comes the lights flicker telling us something big is coming.

The evidence tells us that the people who are doing the play want to be shown more and make the stage seem more bright and tell us how the characters feel and what their emotions are right now.

Speaking of characters and emotions they played it really well with their emotions and characters and there will be more details in the next paragraph.

Everyone should see Into the Woods because of the emotions in the characters and how the actors play their characters is just amazing and the costumes on the actors.

In the scene when the baker tried to steal a little red riding hood she threw a big tantrum and cried till the hood was given back or when the characters were in fear when the giant came they screamed in fear giving us lots of emotion.

Based on this evidence, I can conclude that the emotions that actors give us are really realistic because the actors caused lots of commotion in the audience.

Another piece of evidence is the outfits the actors wear. What the actors wear is how they imagine the character, when Cinderella comes out to the stage you see her maid dress just like the one she wears in her movie but they add more color to make it stand out.

The evidence tells us that the costume makers make the costume to show it stands out and to show who is who in the play Into the Woods.

After these claims I made I hope other people can show appreciation to the play Into the Woods.

After stating many reasons why people should see Into the Woods and I will state again but by the arts of theater. The theme was about lost and loved ones. It shows us about fairytales but they make it more interesting in different ways unlike any other play I’ve seen. Like the people they lose along the way and people they make along the way.

This play is a beautiful story but also tragic. The melodies they play are something that will be stuck in your head the whole week. The spectacle is outstanding because of all the lights it makes you see the characters and the stage. This is why Into the Woods was the best play.

Lead Photo: Sarah "SG" Garcia, Cayman Ilika, Eric Ankrim, Porscha Shaw, Yusuf Seevers, Anne Allgood, and Nik Hagen. Photo Credit: Mark Kitaoka

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This review was written as part of an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School in Jessica Fishman's 6th Grade Language Arts classes, taught by Press Corps teaching artists Jordi Montes and Jay Chavez.

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