Best Show Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1!

​Review of Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1! at Jet City Improv by Joelle K.


OK, so maybe it’s not the best show ever, but Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1! is certainly a fun and worthwhile way to spend your evening. This improvised show at Jet City Improv asks the audience to pick a place (anywhere in the world) and a category (attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc.), and then proceeds to find some of the worst reviews on with these criteria.

Part of the fun of the show is hearing the actual reviews of bad experiences people post on and the scenarios that ultimately led to the author’s urgent need to share such an experience online in the first place. From a covert mission in a museum in New Zealand to a strange gift of corn at a cathedral in Spain, the actors have the audience jet-setting around the globe with laughter as they experience the various misadventures that could have produced such terrible reviews.

Smooth and hilarious, this performance is laced with well-timed puns, various eccentric characters, and an ever-developing plot. The audience’s input and selection of reviews gives the show a collaborative feel, in which the audience’s involvement is an integral part of the performance, even if your main contribution is just laughing.

The perfect show for a light and enjoyable evening, Jet City’s Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1! offers a great vacation from your daily trials and tribulations, without even leaving Seattle. My suggestion: Bring your friends, and enjoy sharing a laugh over the performances after it's all over.

Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1!
Jet City Improv
March 6-21

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