Blogs: What are they good for?

British theatre critic Lyn Gardner posted on The Guardian's arts blog a couple of days ago on Britain's healthy demand for theatre critics (versus film and TV critics, who are apparently being discouraged from writing reviews as PR people hope that bloggers will write more favorable reviews.) She talks about her belief that blogs and traditional print media can coexist happily:

"I don't see my role as a traditional broadsheet reviewer being threatened or usurped by the rise of the blogosphere, but complemented by it and sometimes shaken up by what it has to say."

She also says this (paraphrasing Alan Davey):

"...public discourse about the arts needs to match that of sport if the arts are going to be valued and well funded in this country. As things stand we often feel uncomfortable talking about art, but actually we need to make talking about King Lear or the latest Punchdrunk or Robert Pacitti show
around the water cooler seem as natural as talking about Kevin Pietersen's switch hit."

I agree, though I think it's a lofty goal. Still, it's an interesting little read, plus, it's cute how she talks about cricket like it's a real sport.
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