Congratulations Young Critics Workshop Grads!

Congratulations to the illustrious graduating class of the 09-10 Teen Tix Young Critics Workshop:

Angel Barnard - Chief Sealth High School
Arista Burwell-Chen - Holy Names Academy
Amanda Chan - Garfield High School
Bridget Durant - Redmond High School
Lamar Glover - The Center School
Joshua Gregory - Meadowdale High School
Emma Kelley - Running Start, Bellevue Community College
Elyse McManus - Holy Names Academy
Cage McKinsey - Eastlake High School
Denali Sabando-Rogalin - Chief Sealth High School/Bellevue Community College
Laura Valiente - Shorewood High School
Sofia Wagner - Chief Sealth High School
Charlotte Ziob - Inglemoor High School

Here's what they had to say about their YCW experience:

“…starting out a defiant, know-it-all, I was transformed into a confident and unashamed inquirer. Despite AP and Honors English classes for four years at my high school, this has been the best writing course I’ve ever had the privilege of taking.” – Arista

Arista reads her work aloud while Professor Kiley listens

“I feel that I have accomplished something huge in my life, and I would love others to take my position next year to see what it feels like to be a writer, and a critic.” – Angel

Young Critics Workshop is an extraordinary opportunity that should be experienced by all teens hoping to grow as writers in the Seattle area.” – Bridget

Emma writes, Cage thinks deeply

“I am a staunch believer in supporting the arts for teenagers, and I truly think it’s phenomenal that Teen Tix provides not only full-access to Seattle venues, but also programs like YCW. To have the opportunity to work on arts criticism (I mean really, where else can you find a class in that? For teenagers?) with two people proficiently well versed in journalism and culture alongside other young writers - who CARE - is, in a word, unfreakingbelievablelikegosh.” – Emma

“I am reluctant to label the YCW sessions that I have attended as 'classes' because that term seems to imply monotony and irrelevance to a teenager as jaded about learning as I am....Young Critics Workshop is a lively, riveting, and truly educational experience…and I can only wish there was more.” - Amanda

If you're a Seattle-area teenager who'll be in 11th or 12th grade next year, and you're interested in improving your writing, YCW might be just what you're looking for. The Young Critics Workshop is a critical writing seminar taught by Stranger Arts Editor Brendan Kiley. It's not a boring lecture, it's not an SAT prep course. It's a hands-on writing lab where you'll learn to look at art critically and articulate your opinions convincingly (or at least entertainingly.)

Applications for the 10-11 YCW will be available in late August. If you have questions in the meantime, send an email to
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