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TONIGHT: Author Annie Proulx is speaking at Benaroya Hall. Proulx is the author of some very good books and short stories you might not have heard of (Postcards, Accordion Crimes, Bad Dirt) and a couple of you probably have heard of (The Shipping News, Brokeback Mountain) because they've been made into movies (and we know how you kids love the talkies). Books blogger John Detrixhe says that Proulx is a reluctant interview subject:

"It's this reluctance that makes her words so gratifying. There's a certain guilty thrill in listening to Proulx speak, when one knows that she would rather be in Wyoming, where she lives, or Newfoundland, where she owns a home. And she would probably be happiest if she were in either of those places writing, instead of giving a lecture in Chicago or responding to the media. Still, one senses that Proulx rarely does what she doesn't care to do, and when she answers a question it is only because she is willing, and not because she necessarily cares how you will react to her answer."

Sounds like someone I'd like to hear speak. You? Okay, let's go.

Annie Proulx
Tonight, Wednesday, October 7th
7:30 PM
Benaroya Hall
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This event is produced by Seattle Arts & Lectures, a Teen Tix Participating Organization. Teen Tix members can get $5.00 tickets at the door. The box office opens at 6:00 PM.
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