Dance and Sing Toward Summer

Teen Editorial Staff May 2023 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Esha Potharaju and Yoon Lee


The month of May is the last month of spring—enjoy it before the hot waves of summer hit us with our exclusive curation of art to experience this month!

If you’re in the business of unfiltered, unscripted stories, then The Moth Mainstage is the May event you’re looking for! Watch five storytellers develop and shape their stories with the Moth’s directors.

A step towards scripted performance, Lydia and the Troll promises a wonderful time! Follow Lydia, a Black woman on the brink of breaking into the music industry, as she finds her voice with the help of a mysterious stranger (and perhaps a particular Fremont icon?).

Or if you’re looking for the most curated of classical performances, check out La Traviata at Seattle Opera, featuring Giuseppe Verdi’s legendary music and a timeless story of fate, love, and sacrifice. Find yourself soaring arias and a heart-wrenching ending, and the heartbeat of love!

If you’re in the mood for some dance and performance to welcome in the summer, we’ve got you covered: two wonderful arts events to entertain yourself! NOTHINGBEING investigates how to embody nothingness and “being,” and looks at such notions from multiple modalities. They’ll use physical movement, communal meditation, and activation of sensory memories.

The WHO declared the worldwide pandemic as "ended" on May 5th (see here). Bennyroyce Royon navigates this post-pandemic reality in the dance show BEGIN AGAIN. The show will grapple with themes of trauma and loss.

Finally, the Henry Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition titled Sarah Cain: Day After Day On This Beautiful Stage. The artist is renowned for her unique use of multimedia, using materials from feathers to sand. Her inspirations include pop music and graffiti. Spend a lovely spring day mulling over her work!

Lead Photo: Soner Arkan, Pexels

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