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​Review of 7 Boxes at Seattle International Film Festival by Joelle K.

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Would you risk your life and freedom for a $100 bill? Probably not, but that is exactly what Victor, a 17-year old wheelbarrow porter in a busy Paraguayan market, does in the film 7 Cajas, or 7 Boxes. An entertaining comedy-thriller, 7 Boxes is well worth a watch. This South American film is a refreshing change of scenery and pace from typical thrillers.

The suspenseful mystery of the boxes’ contents consistently captures the audience’s attention while not slipping into an overly serious narrative. Instead, the film is a witty mix of miscommunications and dramatic irony that certainly provide an artistic escape from cookie-cutter Hollywood action films with predictable plotlines.

Filled with unique and memorable characters such as an organized gang of bloodthirsty and relentless wheelbarrow porters, an irritable Korean restaurant owner and his bilingual son, a disjointed group of mafia-like butchers, and the Slumdog Millionare-reminiscent innocence of Victor and his friends, this film is rife with quirky castmembers and naturally comedic encounters.

The film maintains a light tone centered on the unassuming dreams of Victor, who accepts the perilous task of safeguarding seven mysterious boxes for the promise of $100 USD, in hopes of being able to afford a camera phone. A persistent mystery surrounds the seven boxes, the contents of which are both valuable and dangerous. Be it drugs, money, or something even more dangerous, Victor’s life depends on the fate of the seven boxes.

7 Boxes already played at Seattle International Film Festival. There are no additional dates. :(

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