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Experience Music Project seeks new members for the 2010-2011 Youth Advisory Board (YAB)! The mission of this program is to connect teenagers to the Northwest's all ages arts and music scene by giving them an opportunity to be a driving force in EMP's teen programming. YAB members are invited to create and promote teen programs, work with local musicians and artists, meet other creative types in the community, and help out with Sound Off!, EMP's annual battle of the bands.

Youth Advisory Board members have the opportunity to:

* Screen and discuss Sound Off! battle-of-the-band submissions.
* Assist at events like Bumbershoot, Sound Off! and more.
* Create a youth voice at EMP|SFM and assist in getting other teenagers involved.
* Help showcase EMP|SFM programs to the greater Seattle community.
* Get an inside peek at museum exhibits and special events.
* Write, participate and network in EMP|SFM's online community.
* Write, participate and network in EMP's online community devoted to the NW's all-ages music/arts scene (thesoundboard.ning.com).

YAB Membership Requirements:

* Must be high school aged, complete the YAB application.
* Attend meetings twice a month at EMP on Thursday early-evenings.
* Have a basic knowledge of and enthusiasm for music.
* Members will be expected to commit to serving on the board for 9 months.

Application Information:

* Online applications available here
* Applications are due by June 28.
* All applicants must provide a recommendation letter and work sample (ex: music you have performed, a paper you have written, a creative writing sample, a poem, a sketch, a collage, photography, video, etc...

More Information at EMP's website
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