Family Is Always the Most Important Thing In Our Heart

Review of This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, and This Girl Does Nothing presented by ArtsWest

Written by Gia Tran during an Arts Criticism workshop at Cascade Middle School

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In the play, This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, and This Girl Does Nothing by Finnegan Kruckemeyer, there are three sisters - triplets - who live together with their parents. Some big events made them separate from each other. Then, each of the girls goes through their own interesting experiences and grows up. The themes of this play are about family, identity, childhood and being alone, so if you are the person who loves stories about family and self-expression, this one is the perfect movie choice for you.

First, in the play, they show you about how the family is important to you. For example, the dad left the triplets in the forest but instead of getting mad, the first thing they think about is finding him. To me, this shows that as a family, we are never going to be mad at each other for a long time and that family is always the most important thing in our heart. Secondly, the experiences that each of the sisters go through made me really impressed and it showed me about how we find out our identity. For instance, Carmen, the girl who chooses to stay in the woods, has her own way to go and she is helping people and then has her own family. Or Albienne, another sister who chose to go, to fight for her love and protect the village. This shows how we have to deal with being alone in real life. This movie reflects the experiences that we will have to go through to grow up and become mature in our real life.

Furthermore, it makes me feel like I am traveling back to my childhood. I loved the effects they used in the play. The music made my emotions explode at important moments. For example, the happy sound at the end helped me feel the emotion of the character. Similarly, the light helped me imagine the setting in the play, such as when Albienne was fighting to help the village, the light turned red and flickered. It shows me that the fight is pretty messy and a little deadly. However, one thing that I don't like about this play is that they talk too much, because the actors have to play their role and also have to be the narrator for their character. Therefore, it made me feel bored at some moments while watching the play.

Altogether, to me this play is really worth watching. It can bring your emotions from sad to happy, from really dramatic to profound. I recommend this play for those people who love movies about family, childhood, and especially about plays that are narratives. I believe the details and sounds in this play will be racy enough to satisfy your eyes and ears. Finally, to me this play was successful and worthwhile to watch.

Lead photo credit: This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, and This Girl Does Nothing at ArtsWest. Photo by John McLellan.

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This review was written as part of an Arts Criticism workshop at Cascade Middle School in Mrs. Boucher's Advanced English Language Learners class, taught by Press Corps teaching artist Brian Dang.

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