FREE Summer Camp Spots for TeenTix Members

Enjoy the perks of your TeenTix membership when you attend these FREE camps with Seattle Public Theater!


Our INCREDIBLY generous friends at Seattle Public Theater are offering up to 65 FREE scholarships to TeenTix Members this summer! <3

You'll be able to explore the world through dialects, sharpen your stage combat skills, or dive deeper into Broadway's smash hit Hamilton. See the full offerings and sign up below using this form--now, go forth and MAKE ART!

UPDATE 7/18/19 - There are only a few spots left in the following camps, all others are full:

Midsummer Night's Dream: 2
Summoning Frankie: 6
Pirates of Penzance: 6
Trix of Light: 1

Adjust accordingly on the following form. Have a great summer!


PLEASE NOTE: We will be checking names from this form against our TeenTix Member database. Please use the name that you used to sign up for our programs!

Seattle Public Theater will get in touch with you after you register to confirm your spot in their summer camp season.

Confirmed registrants for these summer camps are expected to be in attendance. These camps are a privilege offered generously to TeenTix Members, so please be accountable and make sure that you are taking full advantage of this free opportunity by showing up! Your presence helps create a fun, exciting environment for everyone. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend, please contact Seattle Public Theater to let them know.

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