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Teen Editorial Staff March 2020 Editorial

Written by Teen Editor Kendall Kieras!

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We all promise ourselves that the new year will bring a “new me,” but let’s all be honest and admit that the few people among us who still maintain resolutions have already forgotten about them by now. Who even designed the calendar system so that the year would start in the middle of winter? No, the true start of the year is now, with the beginning of Spring! It’s bright, it’s sunny, and we’ve got just the art to give you that fresh start we all need right now!

If you’re looking to shock yourself awake this Spring, there’s no better place to start than Rebecca Brewer’s Natural Horror at the Frye Art Museum. Toying with the psychological effect of the relationship between humans and the natural world, the pieces seem to come alive with their bold and flowing shapes evoking expressionistic painting through the medium of crafts.

If you’re looking for art which analyzes more human relationships, look no further than August Wilson’s Jitney at the Seattle Rep. Jitney is a play concerning Jim Becker’s ridesharing service created in 1970’s Pittsburgh following Pittsburgh’s cab company refusing to service the primarily black Hill District. When the city threatens to shut down Becker’s business, Jim and his fellow cab drivers must unite to face an uncertain future in a tale rooted in workplace drama, generational warfare, and family.

If you like the concept of people striking out on their own to produce amazing things, also be sure to check out the Sound Off! finals at MoPOP. Showcasing some amazing youth musicians, the finals are going to highlight the cream of the crop and will culminate in an explosive finale.

If you want a more chilled out music experience, there’s nothing better to calm your nerves than Laser Lizzo at the Pacific Science Center. If you’re thirsty for good art, then just say Water Me to Laser Lizzo. Music is always Better in Color, so no matter what night you show up to the laser dome, it’s sure to be Good as Hell. (See what we did there?)

And if you’re in the mood for more uplifting, empowering, and feel good music check out Sister Act at 5th Avenue Theatre. Based off the 1992 film of the same name, Sister Act follows Deloris Van Cartier as she brings her disco sensibilities to the convent where she’s being held under witness protection. Funny, powerful, and all around a good time, this is not a musical to be missed.

Looking for a good way to celebrate St. Patrick’s? There’s nothing better than some good old Irish luck! Specifically Ten Percent Luck at The Northwest Film Forum, which utilizes improv to make a hilarious show, based on the stand up set they just saw.

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you get a fresh start at art this month, us Teen Editors will get a fresh start on the blog! That’s right, the TEDS are being mentored by professional critics, and we have four mentor reviews coming your way this month!

Saint Frances at SIFF will explore what happens when a woman gets a new start nannying for a six year old, Frances. But will an unexpected pregnancy and relationship struggles ruin her brighter life?

Charlie Parker’s Yardbird at Seattle Opera is perfect if you want to be inspired, and haunted this month. The opera follows jazz legend Charlie Parker as he attempts to find contentment with his relationships posthumously.

John Akomfrah: Future History at Seattle Art Museum brings together a tapestry of the past, present, and future. Because what better way to find a new start than turning towards the past?

1984 at 18th & Union imagines a new, dystopian start for all of us. Based off the classic novel by George Orwell, it explores a future under a machine state. Just remember, Big Brother is watching.

So crack out your pot of gold, make a wish on a dandelion, and enjoy the sun at seven in the morning! Your fresh start is here, and just in time.

Lead photo credit: Photo by Gia Oris on Unsplash.

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