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The Three Musketeers

Seattle Repertory Theatre

NOW through Nov. 9th

Pictured: Montana von Fliss as Sabine and Ryan Shams as Aramis

I’m sitting in my dressing room at the Seattle Rep after a student matinee performance that had, in my opinion, our best audience ever! Let me back up and tell you that I’m Montana von Fliss and I work for Teen Tix, but I’m also a professional actor and I’m thrilled to have a part in The Three Musketeers, which is playing right now at Seattle Repertory Theatre. I play Sabine, D’Artagnan’s feisty sword fighting 17 year old sister, who tags along for the adventure. She’s not in the original novel but has been added as a sort of 5th Musketeer. (D’Artagnan is generally considered the 4th Musketeer so Sabine is, as I prefer to call her, the 5th Beatle – or "Totally Awesome," as I also like to call her.)

The show has tons of sword fighting and swashbuckling and spectacle. It’s sort of an Indiana Jones in olden times. Pure fun. And today we found our perfect audience: people between the ages 13-18. This morning teenagers from all over this fine state packed the Rep’s huge 850-seat auditorium for our student matinee and laughed and hollered and cheered for the good guys and hissed at the bad guys. It was live theatre with a live wire audience and it was brilliant!

So if you’re 13-18 years old, please don’t miss this show. Please come and laugh loudly and boo and hiss and ooh and aah, just like the audiences in the good old bawdy days at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Use your Teen Tix pass and get a $5 ticket to The Three Musketeers before it closes on November 9th – don’t wait!

All for one,

Teen Tix Duchess

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