Go forth and criticize

Congratulations to the first ever graduating class of the Young Critics Workshop!

Here, for your enjoyment, are a few choice selections of the young critics' work:

"So I didn't enjoy my lobster as much as I thought I would. So what? At least I got to have one for free. At least I got to try this delicacy. At least I got to feel like a manly man, yanking its shell apart with my bare hands and staring down at…its excretory tract filled with a large vile-looking green gob of lobster waste. Yum!" - Review of a clam bake by Ian S.

"In a summary the play sounds like a classic episode of 7th Heaven but these guidelines are quickly forgotten in the place of the freshest comedy since Tina Fey’s 30 Rock. Kevin manages to make it all work using dachshunds, cocktail wieners, and hairy legs and leaving out sexual entendres and dirty words." - Review of How? How? Why? Why? Why? at Seattle Rep by Ruby A.

"The illustrations are wonderful, the information is breathtaking, and the price…well that’s the best part! It’s free at any Washington State Department of Licensing Center. So don’t just take one. Take ten of them! In fact, impress your friends by getting one for each of them too!" - Review of The Washington State Driver's Guide by Manal H.

YCW 07-08: Ian S, Leah M, Manal H, Elsa W, Professor Kiley, Paulina P, Ruby A, Kirsten O, Josie O and (down front) Queen of Teen Tix Holly A. Missing from this picture (but not from our hearts): Bianca G, Terry G, and Ashraf H.

"The dining room was the only place that was perfectly clean. It was clean because we weren’t allowed to go in there, and we weren’t allowed to go in there because it was clean." - Review of Thanksgiving dinner by Bianca G.

"Instead of giving you some bland facts about Duchamp and his mediocre work of art, PDL not only puts you inside the painting, spinning like the spirals that give it its name, but they add their own humor to it too, exaggerating the dizzy noises and screams to a point that in which it all seems silly, which is exactly what they wanted. PDL not only makes works like “Spirals” memorable to those who would never have taken a second look at it, but also delivers an important message to the high and mighty cultural aristocrats of the city: relax, its just art." - Review of PDL's Unauthorized Tour of Seattle Art Museum by Ashraf H.

The Young Critics Workshop is an elite writing seminar for 11th and 12th graders who are interested in critical journalism. Applications for next year's YCW will be available in July, 2008.
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