Graduation & Gratitude

​A special message from TeenTix Executive Director Holly Arsenault

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Hello TeenTix family!

I have some news to share. Earlier this afternoon, the board of TeenTix announced that I have decided to step down as Executive Director of TeenTix and given them my notice. October 28th will be my last day here.

I love TeenTix. Doing the work of elevating teens' voices in the arts community for the last decade has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. If you have the opportunity in your lives to do work that you believe in, that makes the world little bit better, and that puts you in contact with excellent people, I highly recommend it. The most rewarding part has been watching our members leave us and go off and become even more amazing adults than they were teens--which is really saying something, because TeenTix teens are basically the greatest.

After 11 years of watching you guys graduate, I've decided it's time for my own graduation. I started this job on my 26th birthday, which will be 11 years ago this July. I have grown up at TeenTix, and it has been an incredibly fulfilling, creative, challenging job. But it’s also an all-consuming job. There is no partial way to be the leader of a small non-profit like TeenTix. You are either all in, or you’re out. I have reached the point where I am ready to prioritize some other things in my life. So, it’s time for me to go, and create a space for the person who will be all in for TeenTix for its next decade.

My gratitude to every person who has supported this organization--with words, and time, and dollars--is immeasurable. Whether you know it or not, you are part of a movement. No other city in the country has what we have here. You have proven that teens do care about art, and that you have so many gifts to offer to the larger community. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I know that you care about TeenTix, so I want to reassure you that nothing is awry over here. In fact, it’s because things are in such good shape right now that I feel it’s the right time for me to transition out of my role.

The Teeny Awards (October 9th at Benaroya Hall) will double as my going away party, where I hope to also be able to introduce folks to the new ED. I really hope you can all be there this year. Please save the date!

I’m not done yet! There’s lots of good work left to do and I plan to work as hard as I can until my last day to make the hand-off smooth.

Thank you.


P.S. If you think of someone who would be great at my job, let me know! The job description is posted now on

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