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A Doctor in Spite of Himself at Intiman Theatre
Tues, October 5
7:30 PM

If you hate laughing, DON'T go see A Doctor in Spite of Himself. All the rest of you: go! Our reviewer, Ehrik A. says "Laughter is the best medicine and A Doctor in Spite of Himself prescribes enough laughter to keep you healthy for a very long time." (Ehrik also calls lead actor - an Tony winner - Daniel Breaker "a cross between The Old Spice Guy and SpongeBob" which is weirdly accurate.) Other teens say: "It was absolutly hilarious. in fact, I would go see it again. :D" - Erin J. "Absolutely awesome and terrific!" - anonymous teen

If you can't go tonight, there are 6 more chances to see Doctor before it closes October 10th. Go to intiman.org for more info. This show is recommended for people ages 13 and up for adult language and themes.

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