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Hey you young people out there! This is just a little hello from the Young Americans' Theatre Company: Seattle's newest and only completely student run theatre company. We just want to start off by giving a big shout out to Teen Tix for all the support they've given us as we make our way into the community. We're just getting off the ground, but we've definately hit the ground running since forming back in march. For those of you who haven't heard anything about us, we are a group made up of young men and women from the ages of 16-18. Our board consists of Tommy Fleming, Chelsea Taylor, Zoey Belyea (that's me), Hattie Andres, Emma Kelley, and Sam Tilles. You may recognize those names from shows you've seen lately at the Intiman, Seattle Children's Theatre, and The Rep, but now we've come together to start a completely new project. We are in the proses of mounting a complete and professional level main stage show entirely on our own and without the supervision of parents, teachers or adults of any kind.

Zoey Belyea wields in a knife in rehearsals for YATC's Women and Wallace.
Photo by Johnny Valencia.

With this company we hope to give talented and committed students of acting a space to explore themselves as artists without having to answer to any authority figure and, most importantly, without having to pay for an expensive program. We want to give young people in the Seattle community a place where they can work and grow as actors in the company of their peers, and we want to produce work that is relevant and true to the lives we lead. There is such a shortage of material for people our age because so many adults cannot come to terms with the things we actually encounter in our every day lives. Things we can't put on stage at school such as sex, drugs, swearing, and violence can sometimes be a part of our lives (and a part of our first show Women and Wallace) and we want a space outside of a scholastic setting where we can portray these aspects of our lives. Our goal, however, is not to be shocking or scandalous. Our goal is to be real and to be taken seriously.

We're so excited with all the progress we've made so far and we can't wait to update you. Look for an article on us in the Ticket section of the Seattle Times this Friday!! And please come support our show; a show produced, directed and performed by teenagers just like you. Women and Wallace by Jonathan Marc Sherman. August 7-17, Thursday-Sunday, 8pm. Performances will be held at the Little Theatre, 608 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112. Buy tickets here.

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